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Christmas: Drunken Pork Loin & Cherry trifle

Nuts, fruit and liqueur all scream “Christmas” and this week’s triple-course dinner pushes all those buttons. Start with a pleasingly nutty soup of wild mushrooms and ground walnuts with a dash of sherry, go on to a stuffed loin of pork with crunchy crackling, and end with a deliciously old-fashioned black cherry and maraschino trifle dressed up for the season.


Sliver’s Wine Cellar

WELCOME to Sliver’s Wine Cellar. A growing list of wines we recommend, from easy quaffers at an affordable price to serious wines to be savoured with fine food on a starry night. Not every wine that passes Sliver’s palate is listed here. But they don’t have to cost an arm and a leg to impress […]


Dining out on the Eat Out award-winners

This dinner is the highlight of the South African foodie calendar and has become a fabulous and very stylish event over the years. But if McCarney didn’t put a word wrong, others did fluff their lines. Eat Out editor Abigail Donnelly did the customary thanking of sponsors, including ‘Wild Cock’, quickly correcting herself while the audience convulsed. Wild Peacock may never live that one down.


Christmas Menu on a brandy theme

The tang of liquor is as much a part of the Christmas spirit as fruit, nuts and those silly costumes Santa Claus wears. Flame brandy or whisky over a pudding, add a glass to yourself along the way a la Keith Floyd, and the headier side of the yuletide is ignited.


Christmas Menu of Roast Duck & Pink Champagne Jellies

STEP into Christmas – here is the first of three consecutive menus to help those who celebrate Christmas decide what to feed their family and friends this season. On the menu: Smoked Snoek Mousse, Roast Duck with Cranberry and Red Wine Sauce, and Pink Champagne Jellies with Frosted Red Grapes.

Bombay Brasserie

Dark Ladies, Bombay spice and the Widow Twankey

Pairing wine with Indian food is a bit like trying to force square pegs into round holes or to persuade certain people to shut up so that somebody else can get a word in. So a wine and food matching evening at the Bombay Brasserie was an intriguing prospect, this being the posh restaurant at the new Taj hotel in central Cape Town, part of the Indian chain which casts its net worldwide.


Polo, Pimms and MPW’s white chocolate mousse

I sensed that afternoon how the British regard the press: truly as the Fourth Estate, i.e. “other”, and not far removed from what used to be called the servant class. There to fulfil a role, not to be overly catered to (quite literally, actually), and to know their place. It was a lesson and in a strange way refreshing because, really, that is what the press are there for. To cover the event, write about it, and then bugger off so that the elite can misbehave in peace.


A vegetarian pie for Dr Jekyll

What would they all have made of our age of preciousness about what we put into our mouths? Imagine explaining to a Medieval trencherman that you follow a low-salt, low-GI gluten-free diet and only eat organic vegetables handpicked under a crescent moon by Ethiopian virgins? You’d be declared mad and locked up – if you survived the lynching in the village square.

Guest Columns

Helen Walne has a quail of a time making a meal of foodies

See, even though I live in Cape Town, know how to say “bainmarie” and once ate a dish made entirely from weeds, I’m not a foodie. And while I’m sure it’s hindering my ability to join all manner of art collectives/literary circles/underground weaving conventions/cello movements, I am determined to remain untainted by Maldon salt, wild pigeon breast and yak butter. Because once you become a foodie, there’s no turning back.


Bistro Sixteen82′s summer oyster & bubbly menu

Bistro Sixteen82 at Steenberg in Tokai in the Cape’s Constantia vineyard country has introduced a summer menu of oysters and bubbly pairings, which in this venue of supercharged design set amid vineyards with a mountain backdrop makes for a delicious way to while away a sunset this summer.

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