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Gourmet fare in the Cape winelands

The sole meat course was served beneath grand silver domes. After a very Grande Roche countdown (‘Sree, two, von!’), they were lifted to reveal the tiniest morsels of beef looking quite distraught, like wayward sons banished to the wastelands of vast white plates.


Another step in the chichification of old Cape Town

These developments spring up with increasing regularity, and you have to think that one day we will wake up, look around, grab the nearest handrail and yell, ‘Where am I? What have they done with Cape Town?’


Inside the Sun King’s Waterfront lair

Being at the Sun King’s newest venue whisked me right back to the ground-wetting for the Cape Sun Hotel aeons ago, when Anneline Kriel, then Sun Queen, stepped out of a limo in the rain and I nearly choked on a sliver of Parma ham.