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Sizzling hot peri-peri with a Spanish twist

Raise the subject of peri-peri recipes and you are likely to have a fiery debate on your hands. Everyone who feels passionate about peri-peri will have a firm opinion of how it is or should be made, down to the type of chillies used and how long it should be left to steep so that the flavours will be enriched.


Spanish chicken good enough to smoke

I have been slow in coming to smoked paprika. It has been a foodie rave for several years and I really should have listened to the sussed editors of Posh Galore when they told us all that smoked paprika was the new thing, dahlings, and you simply have to try it.


A tinklingly good way to greet the New Year

The problem with New Year parties is trying to stay sober enough to remember why you’re there. I’ve known people get to midnight on December 31 and wander around aimlessly asking whose birthday it is, or why everyone is so exciteable.


A devil of a time with heavenly vegetables

But the courgettes developed a life of their own. They grew and grew, and then grew some more. I lined the hallway with them, and the tannies would squeal on sight of a row of priapic marrows.