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Boeber, lamb shank curry and fresh turmeric chutney

Boeber is as ‘Cape Town’ as Cape brandy tart, the Cape Doctor, over-priced fancy-schmancy restaurants and claims that ‘it has never rained like this/blown like this/been so hot at this time of the year before’.


The art of the potjie

The editors of Posh Galore generally do quite well, and I commend them for their efforts, and we foodie lemmings usually climb on the bandwagon and try using whatever it is in new and unexpected ways in dishes that previously would have managed quite well without the pounded seed of something found growing under a dewy knoll in Zheleznodorozhny and unearthed by a castrated yak. But there’s something they’ve all missed which has potential flavour of the year written all over it. The common, humdrum and very Afrikaans potjie, the three-legged cast-iron pot, is one of the most versatile cooking vessels there is.


Spanish chicken good enough to smoke

I have been slow in coming to smoked paprika. It has been a foodie rave for several years and I really should have listened to the sussed editors of Posh Galore when they told us all that smoked paprika was the new thing, dahlings, and you simply have to try it.


Calamari, Greta Garbo and the Weather Gods

By 4pm the sea was rushing at us as if fleeing the beasts of Hell. The wind was a fearsome force, supported by lashing rain. I conceded defeat while the Weather Gods smiled a cruel smile of triumph and threw yet more opprobrium down on our sodden beach.