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A cure for those who don’t like their fish entirely raw

The chef came out before a particular course and explained, somewhat nervously, that the kingklip was to be served raw tonight. Riiiiiiight, we muttered, dubious, looking left and right as if wondering where the candid camera was.


Calamari, Greta Garbo and the Weather Gods

By 4pm the sea was rushing at us as if fleeing the beasts of Hell. The wind was a fearsome force, supported by lashing rain. I conceded defeat while the Weather Gods smiled a cruel smile of triumph and threw yet more opprobrium down on our sodden beach.


Night of the vegetarian vampires

VAMPIRES slunk into dark corners on sight of the caramelly whole roasted garlic as I took them from the cinders and unfurled their shiny foil blankets. Hard to imagine that I had lived for 20 years before even tasting the pungent, plump cloves. Now I eat them whole, though not quite raw, and movies like Twilight and Nosferatu the Vampire no longer frighten me.