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Getting saucy with steak

As if all that wasn’t enough hard work, you’ve still got to make your sauce Marchand de Vin. I know it’s easier to buy a ready-made sauce at Pick n Pay, Daisy, but this is the stuff of the great French sauces and this amount of effort is a pretty good illustration of why it’s worth saving up to go to a seriously fine restaurant once in a while, and why chefs at that level make such exquisite sauces.


Another step in the chichification of old Cape Town

These developments spring up with increasing regularity, and you have to think that one day we will wake up, look around, grab the nearest handrail and yell, ‘Where am I? What have they done with Cape Town?’


Short-order menu has me on my bicycle

Apparently my facial expression said, “Well, you know what you can do with your concept”, and 10 minutes later we were at Bombay Bicycle Club way up Kloof Street.