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Carbo Crusaders vs the Great Noakes Oke

Our would-be conquerors follow their loincloth-clad leader like a Scottish brave following their William Wallace, or an impi falling into formation behind King Shaka, willing to die for the terrible cause. “Banting! Banting! Banting!” they cry as they surge forward en masse, devouring all in their path and spitting out the entrails. Or eating them.


The meal at the end of the world

If it was the last night of the world, of my life, of your life, of all this, of everything, what would you dine on? What feast of the tastiest morsels of an interrupted lifetime of eating delicious things would pass your lips one last time?


They may seem Zillille, but portmanteaus can be quite frabjous

It’s all Alice’s fault, apparently, or maybe Humpty Dumpty’s. More correctly, we can blame Lewis Carroll, who in Through The Looking Glass, and What Alice Found There (150 years ago, in 1872) invented the notion of a portmanteau, which in recent years has sprung into fashionability with the hybridisation of the names of Hollywood stars.

Atlantic Grill

A ducking good day at the Table Bay

Pointing out to chef that he was much prettier than the Master Chef judges and that he had better hair than Pete Goffe-Wood did not seem to make any impression at all on him, and we were not the outright winners.

95 Keerom

Milanese style at the Cape

GIORGIO Nava stands out among chefs at the Cape, not only for his distinctly gentlemanly Milanese style and exquisite Italian accent and suave air but for the astonishing level of his visibility when you’re in his restaurant. He’s all over the place, which makes you think that either he doesn’t have his eye on the ball (the ball in the kitchen, that is) or he has his team so expertly trained that he can afford the time to get to know his guests.


Test-driving The Test Kitchen

History repeats itself. La Colombe had a brilliant chef who grew an international reputation for the Constantia restaurant and earned it a slew of awards. Then he left and started his own, more modest, eatery. La Colombe found a brilliant replacement, who clawed back its international reputation and earned it a slew of awards. But now he too has left and opened his own, more modest, restaurant.

Bombay Brasserie

Dark Ladies, Bombay spice and the Widow Twankey

Pairing wine with Indian food is a bit like trying to force square pegs into round holes or to persuade certain people to shut up so that somebody else can get a word in. So a wine and food matching evening at the Bombay Brasserie was an intriguing prospect, this being the posh restaurant at the new Taj hotel in central Cape Town, part of the Indian chain which casts its net worldwide.


A queen of the seas, a Queen of Africa

It started with Queen Mary 2 and ended with Elton John. The day was all about queens. A proud and serene passenger liner gliding on a cool dawn sea with an orange sunrise gentling to the east is all the romance you need in a day. Watching her approach Table Bay on Thursday morning took me back, as ships always do, to key times in and even before my life.


Gourmet fare in the Cape winelands

The sole meat course was served beneath grand silver domes. After a very Grande Roche countdown (‘Sree, two, von!’), they were lifted to reveal the tiniest morsels of beef looking quite distraught, like wayward sons banished to the wastelands of vast white plates.


Serendipity and edible fynbos at Solms-Delta

This land is quite different from the usual serried vineyards of these parts. It is sparse and seems dry, and the plants neatly spaced in the garden are still small, with only the promise of the harvest to come a year or more from now. Fyndraai restaurant celebrates the region’s three culinary traditions – the veldkos of the Khoe who lived on this land 2000 years ago with their Sanga cattle and fat-tailed sheep, the Cape Malay tradition of the slaves of the white farmers, and the boerekos and Dutch food of the farmers themselves.

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